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FAQ: anesthesia

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Surgery Information: Before SurgeryReturn to Top

  • Our pre-operative nurse will call you prior to your procedure to discuss your health status and current medications as well as other important information.
  • DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight, the night before your procedure, unless you have been instructed otherwise.
  • You will need a responsible adult to provide transportation home and care after your procedure.
  • Please notify your physician of any changes in your physical condition including sore throat, cold, fever, etc. prior to your surgery.

Surgery Information: Surgery DayReturn to Top

  • Please bring in the patient checklist, medication list and anesthesia questionnaire with you.
  • Check in at the admissions desk at your appropriate time. The business staff will greet and assist with your check in process.
  • The nurse will take you to the pre-operative area. In this area, you will sign your consents, change into surgical gown and have your vital signs taken. Every effort will be made to ensure your comfort.
  • The anesthesiologist will discuss your anesthetic with you and answer your questions. Then you will meet your operative team whom will re-verify your surgical site with your signed consent. The team will accompany you to the operative room.
  • Once the procedure is completed, you will be taken to the Post- Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). While in PACU, you will be monitored by the specially trained nursing staff.
  • The amount of time in PACU will depend on the type of procedure and anesthesia. Upon discharge, the nurse will discuss your after care instructions.

Surgery Information: At HomeReturn to Top

  • Once you are discharge, please rest and recover.
  • DO NOT drive, drink alcohol or operative machinery for 24 hours.
  • You will be discharged into the care of a responsible adult to drive you home.
  • A responsible adult needs to be with you for the next 24 hours.
  • If you have any problems after surgery, you should contact your surgeon.
  • You will be given written Aftercare instructions prior to discharge.
  • If you have a life threatening emergency you should call 911 for immediate help.
  • Please follow the after care instructions given to you from the Center for Surgery and/or your physician.
  • You will be given a survey. Please take a moment to complete it. The Center for Surgery of Encinitas always strives for excellence and appreciates hearing any comments or concerns regarding your experience.
  • A PACU nurse will contact you after the procedure to ensure that your post operative recovery is going well as anticipated.

Please note: the information on this website should in no way replace or take precedence over Physician orders. We provide this site as a general information tool and is not medical advice. If you require medical advice or attention. Please contact your Physician.

anesthesia:  Who will provide my anesthesia?
A: Anesthesia care is provided by San Dieguito Anesthesiology Medical Group and Anesthesia Service Medical Group. They have provided anesthesia service at the Center for Surgery since 1989. This group provides anesthesia service at Scripps Memorial Hospital and several other locations in San Diego and Orange Counties. Physicians in this group are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and are credentialed at a local Joint Commission accredited hospital. Return to Top

They can be reached at:

San Dieguito Anesthesia Medical Group
119 N. El Camino Real, Suite E114
Encinitas, CA 92024

800-213-2174   RC McLean Billing Service

Anesthesia Service Medical Group
3625 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123

858-565-9666 or
888-876-3351   Anesthesia Service Medical Group

anesthesia:  Why must I refrain from eating and drinking before my anesthetic?
A: You refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to surgery in order to prevent the risks of aspirating gastric contents during your surgery. This complication is very serious and you need to strictly abide by our recommendations.
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anesthesia: Should I take my usual medications?
A: You will be instructed by both the anesthesia team and your surgeon as to which medications you must take. Generally we request that you take most medications on the morning of surgery with a sip of water. Please accurately fill out the medication list and bring it with you the day of surgery.
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anesthesia: May I drive home?
A: Any patient receiving anesthesia should not drive until the next day. A patient receiving sedation for a procedure needs a ride home. The few patients who have procedures performed under local anesthesia alone could possible drive home.
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